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The freelancer

We’ve had a few emails recently asking if we think there’s enough work to build a freelance business in Melbourne – we thought the best way to answer was to ask a few freelancers around town.  Read more...

freelance designers

RIP a design guru

The world is full of good, really good, designers but in my mind there a few real geniuses that break moulds and forge new ground. Wally Olins (along with Paul Rand, Milton Glaser and Bob Gill) is one of the designers that I admire most.  Read more...

Wolff Olins

Inside three Canberran design studios

We recently visited Canberra for an AGDA panel discussion facilitated by Greg.  It was great – for two hours, three designers talked openly about how they managed their design businesses, while Greg added comments/case studies.   Read more...

The business of design in Canberra