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Print production

Managing print production correctly can make it a very profitable service to offer clients.


How print helps sell

The sense of touch helps sell products according to some recent research. This applies especially to using paper based communication rather than electronic.  Read more...

Carbon footprint myths - print vs digital

Which is better for the environment?

We are constantly told by clients that they want to reduce their carbon footprint and hence they are cutting back on printing


The magical paper weight equation

There is a formula you can use to work out the weight of a book once you know the size, the number of pages and the text/cover weight. Read how...

Print better than web advertising

Yet another survey has shown that consumers prefer print.

Click Here: The State of Online Advertising, a survey released by Adobe supports this.


Direct mail delivers for Pizza maker

I was at an industry function the other night and met someone who has developed a business based on direct marketing. She employs two designers and they are going flat chat producing direct marketing for some of Melbourne’s largest corporates.  Read more...

Data = creative print = response

A few weeks ago Carol received an envelope with one pink glove in it. A hand written message on a swing tag said, “Carol, there’s no harm in a warm handshake”. On the reverse it said “I will call to explain.”   Read more...